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Why Virtual Walking Tours Are a Win-Win for Colleges and Students

August 18, 2016

Reaching prospective students with the right message at the right time is one of the most difficult parts of working in admissions. Not only are most prospective students busy with high school, they’re also being bombarded with information from numerous colleges and universities, each wanting...

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DMAI 2016 Wrap-Up: 7 Key Takeaways from Minneapolis

August 05, 2016

DMAI was a party and parties weren’t meant to last. This year’s DMAI Convention in Minneapolis has come and gone. We made some new friends, reaquanted ourselves with Midwestern hospitality, and learned a ton. Here are the seven key things we took away from DMAI 2016.

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DMAI Conference: 15 Minutes to Your Next Meal

August 01, 2016

Got free time to kill at this year’s DMAI Convention and a good pair of shoes? Here’s your guide to the best places to eat and drink in downtown Minneapolis no matter the time of day—all within 15 minutes of the convention center’s front door. And don’t forget your umbrella, it’s supposed to be...

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The 10 Best Virtual Reality Marketing Campaigns

July 25, 2016

Virtual reality marketing is becoming increasingly important, as it enables marketers to give customers the closest experience they can get of a product, service, or place without physically being there. This level of engagement and awareness impacts consumers more than traditional media...

Virtual Reality

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Virtual Reality Experience

July 21, 2016

On a daily basis companies and brands of all sizes are releasing new virtual reality experiences. These new experiences are helping build brand awareness, loyalty, and drive conversions. But not all CMOs and CEOs are convinced that VR is the right move for them. Below, we’ve highlighted five...

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6 VR-Forward Brands DMOs Can Learn From

July 19, 2016

 In the past several years, DMOs have started to utilize virtual reality as a compelling marketing asset. The reason why is simple: VR experiences empower travel marketers to transport potential guests to their location, so they can experience activities and get a taste for what it might be...